Editorial Board

The following academics and collection specialists have provided essays, advice and feedback for Age of Exploration. We are very grateful for their help and support:

Professor Glyn (Glyndwr) Williams
Emeritus Professor of History
Queen Mary, University of London

Dr Marguerite Ragnow
James Ford Bell Library, University of Minnesota

Dr Stephanie Barczewski
Professor of History
Clemson University

Professor Philip Stern
Sally Dalton Robinson Associate Professor of History
Duke University

Professor Imre Demhardt
Professor of History
University of Texas Arlington

Professor Benjamin Schmidt
Giovanni and Amne Costigan Endowed Professor
University of Washington

Professor José Damião Rodrigues
Assistant Professor, Faculdade de Letras
Universidade de Lisboa

Professor John Gascoigne
Emeritus Professor
University of New South Wales

Professor Andrew Lambert
Laughton Professor of Naval History
King's College London

Dr Amy Fuller
Lecturer in the History of the Americas
Nottingham Trent University